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Guys, You Know You Can Be Featured on Our Snapchat Channel, Right?

Mia Lardiere
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From Cosmopolitan

It would be really cool if you could send us Snaps the way we send you Snaps every day on Snapchat Discover, right? Well, guess what? Dreams come true, because Cosmopolitan just launched a second Discover channel full of Snaps directly from you.

Whoa, sick! Can I Snap you guys about literally anything?

Yes, kinda. We will always accept dog pics, but what we *really* want is for you to Snap us videos (VIDEOS > PICS, YOU GUYS!) that respond to our specific daily themes. That’s right, each day we put out a call for Snaps on a certain subject—but don’t worry, they’ll always be fun.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Monday, August 26, 2019

Show Off Your Tattoo!: It’s your favorite day of the week and you already know what to do: Send us a video of your fire tats. 🔥

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How I Sweat: We are obsessed with our Strong AF snappers, but we’re looking to feature some of our kick-ass athletes, dancers, hikers, and literally anyone who knows how to break a good sweat. Come through drippin’ (in sweat) and send us your best snap. (Btw, you can break a sweat from spicy foods too—if you’re up for the challenge! 😈 )

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

I Feel Sexy: If you’re staring at the selfie cam RN, it’s probably because you’re feeling some type of way about yourself. 💅 Tell us why you feel sexy as heck, whether it’s because you just did a face mask or you’re wearing your favorite bodycon dress.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

I’m Strong AF: We love strong booties (and cute leggings) here at Cosmo! Snap us a video where you’re showing off your workout gear—especially if that 🍑 is poppin’!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Summer Forever: Summer lovin’ happened TOO DAMN FAST. In honor of the last few weeks of the best season, we want to see the very best of your summer snaps—from campfires to mermaid hair to bikini selfies. Get creative, and tell us why you love summer (or hate it, if that’s the hill you choose to die on 🤷♀️).

Saturday, August 31, 2019

I LOVE MY BOD!: Body positivity is contagious, so why not spread the love? Whip out your phone to capture that amazing, strong, unique bod of yours in the mirror, and send us a vid explaining why you love it so much! (Psst: We love it too. 😉)

Okay, I’m ready. How do I Snap you guys?

Follow these four steps:

  1. Capture your content. Bling it out with doodles and Cosmo GIF stickers if you wish.
  2. Type #CosmoStories somewhere on your Snap. It’s also helpful if you include a few words in your caption that explain what we’re looking at. Here’s an example:Photo credit: Mia Lardiere
  3. Make sure you submit your Snap to our Story. Otherwise, we will never see it. 💔
    Photo credit: Mia Lardiere
  4. Start Snapping us right now!

We’re so happy we can finally be actual friends with you on Snapchat. 😍

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