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Do You Want to Be an Analyst?

Asher Swing

Summary: This article introduces a new iniative from DailyFX. If you'd like to be a guest contributer to the site, this email will walk you through the process to get started. Please email GuestWriters@DailyFX.com with any questions you may have.

Each year, the Forex market grows by leaps and bounds.

If there is anything that stands out from the public seminars and events that we’ve done in the recent past, it’s the massive amount of interest expressed from our traders about being able to offer their analysis to a larger audience on a bigger stage.

So, starting Monday August 12th, 2013 – we are soliciting work from guest writers to be featured on the DailyFX.com website at a later date(s). This can be as a once-a-week contribution, or a daily article that you provide each morning. We’re very open, we just want the highest quality content possible.

The best part about this opportunity is that you can fit this to your trading style, as we’re very open to what we are looking for. Are you a scalper that only operates between 5:00 AM and 5:30AM Eastern Time? That’s ok, you’ve got plenty of time in your day to write education or analysis pieces. Or perhaps you’re a longer-term trader that only trades off weekly and monthly charts? That’s ok too, and we’re totally open to publishing your work.


The content has to be good. We’re looking for traders that want to reach other traders, not marketers that are looking to sell to our readers and customers. So each entry will be properly vetted.

We’ll have a team at DailyFX to review and respond to each and every request that we receive; and if your work is good, we will offer you a spot as a guest writer on DailyFX.com.

This can be a great wayto assist in driving traffic to your blog or personal website, while also building your name as an analyst/educator with a market leader in Forex analysis and education. We’re happy to link back to your website provided the rules at the bottom of this article are followed, and all requirements are met.

There are some additional rules because, after all, this is the internet and the opportunity for malfeasance runs high. The Rules for this opportunity are at the bottom of this article.

To be considered as a Guest Writer for DailyFX, please create and complete an article just like you see on DailyFX.com each and every trading day… it can be a recap of a news event, or a series of trade setups (please provide the rationale for the setup as well), or even an educational article. Please be sure to include the website, blog, or twitter handle that you are looking to use for reference when publishing… and if you don’t have one of those and just want to publish your analysis, that works as well.

Please send all inquiries to GuestWriters@DailyFX.com with the subject line ‘I want to be an analyst.’ Each and every legitimate entry will be reviewed and responded to.


  • All content must be unique, and all rights of distribution of that content will be given to DailyFX.com upon your submission.

  • Any advertisements on your personal website or blog will be reviewed. Obscene, inflammatory, or offensive advertisements or content is not allowed and could disqualify you as a guest writer for DailyFX.com.

  • No selling of services. We get the spam emails the same as I’m sure many of you do. The robot that ‘returns 10,353,326% in five weeks,’ type of advertisements and these types of distributors are not welcome to become guest writers on DailyFX.com.

  • Even if you have a legitimate service, only actual analysis devoid of sales pitches will have the opportunity to guest write for DailyFX.com. There are still a lot of unscrupulous characters on the internet that make outlandish claims designed to separate people from their money, and we want no part in facilitating those types of shenanigans.

  • Entries must have at least one graphic attached, whether it be a chart, or trade setup, or even just an image to illustrate the point you are trying to make.

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