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Want to Buy GE (NYSE: GE) Stock? Read This First?

·2 min read
In this article:
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GE is a multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston. The firm works in the power, healthcare, aviation, renewable energy, digital, manufacturing, locomotive and venture capital industries. Benzinga News reports higher than expected earnings reports for the company, 1 cent higher per share than projections.

Step 1: Open up a brokerage account.

Opening a brokerage account is a simple way to access the markets, invest your money and save for the future. Choose from this list curated by Benzinga for your satisfaction. You can compare pricing, customer service and investment options.


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Step 2: Select your number of shares.

Select the number of shares you wish to purchase based on:

  • Budget—How much do you want to spend?

  • Position—How many shares do you need to improve your position?

  • Diversity—Diversify your portfolio for safety and increased profits.

  • Current events—News items often tell you when it is wise to buy or sell a stock.

Step 3: Choose an order type.

Choosing an order type gives you more control over how and when you buy or sell stocks. Using a few common orders makes it easier for you to time your investments and earn money, including:

  • Market order—Buying or selling at the current price.

  • Stop-limit—Setting a higher price to sell off your stock prior to the price dipping.

  • Stop-loss—Stop-loss orders set a low price where you sell off stock before your losses mount.

  • Fill or kill—If the order cannot be filled immediately, the order is cancelled. 

Step 4: Execute your trade.

When you execute a trade, make sure that you check your online dashboard to understand your balance and see your current position on every stock in which you’ve invested. Knowing your current situation helps you build wealth and get in or out of each position at the appropriate time.

GE History

Using Benzinga Pro is the simplest way to learn more about GE and its stock history. While General Electric is one of the most iconic companies in American history, you must study its stock like any other. Reviewing information curated by Benzinga gives you real-time data, helps you make informed decisions and ensures that you can increase your net worth.

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