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War Dragons arrives on Android

A still from War Dragons for Android

A year after debuting on iPhones and iPads, the 3D strategy game that lets players fight or breed dragons, is finally crossing over to the other smartphone platform

The game has proved a sleeper hit since its App Store debut and its makers, Pocket Gems, claims that 183 million battles have already been fought in the game's world and 13 million new dragons successfully hatched.

Pocket Gems also says that it has spent the last year refining the gameplay and graphics ahead of opening up the title to other platforms.

"Since War Dragons launched, our community has been clamouring for an Android version, so it was really important that we got it right," said Priyanka Jindal who oversaw the game's Android expansion. "We're really happy with the results and are very excited to make this game available to many more people around the world."

The two versions of the game - Android and iOS - are compatible meaning that two users on different operating systems can still paly together or against each other in real time.

War Dragons for Android is available for download from Google Play.