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Warriors unveil giant, reversible championship rings during elaborate ceremony before opener

The Warriors got reversible championship rings. (Getty Images)

The Golden State Warriors have expensive taste. Following their 2017 championship, the team made sure to set the record for most diamonds in a championship ring.

Trying to double down on that idea would just be gaudy, so the team went a different route for their 2018 rings. They made them reversible.

No … really. That’s a thing now.

The rings technically come with two faces. One has a blue background. The other is white.

You’ll notice that the rings are also personalized by the player’s number. Stephen Curry’s ring has the No. 30 on its face. The inside of the ring reads “Strength in Numbers.”

Rings that crazy deserve an elaborate ceremony, and the Warriors made sure to deliver on that. The rings were actually lowered from the ceiling.

The Warriors made sure to honor the previous Warriors teams that brought home titles.

And Curry made sure one of the franchise’s most important members got his day in the sun.

To recap:

Yeah, it was like that.

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