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Watch: Browns' Joe Thomas struggles to name all the quarterbacks he's blocked for

The Cleveland Browns have had a lot of starting quarterbacks over the last several years. In their seemingly never-ending quest to find “the one”, they’ve put a string of mostly forgettable signal-callers under center – and few have had any success.

And over the last decade, those quarterbacks have had the great fortune to be protected by one of the game’s great players: left tackle Joe Thomas. The Browns’ first-round pick in 2007 (third overall), Thomas has never missed a game in his career, and has been a Pro Bowler all 10 years he’s been in the NFL.

Cleveland LT Joe Thomas struggles – but succeeds – to answer a quarterback trivia question. (AP)

But while he’s been the model of consistency, the players he’s blocking for … haven’t. And there’s been well over a dozen quarterbacks he’s played with – 18, to be exact.

In an interview with ESPN’s “E:60,” Thomas was asked to name each one. It took him a bit, but he did it:

Thomas seems like one of the NFL’s good guys, and despite being drafted by a franchise that just hasn’t been able to figure out a way to win – the Browns have been over .500 just once in his 10 seasons, 2007 – he’s continued to play at an exceedingly high level.

And he continues to be able to have fun in spite of knowing the answer to one pretty depressing trivia question (at least, it’s depressing if you’re a Browns fan).