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WATCH: First Australian to Snag an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It on the Pavement

Yahoo Tech

Thanks to its global geographic position, Australia became the first country to get its hands on the new iPhone 6. Unfortunately, it also means that an Australian, known only as “some bloke called Jack,” has become the first person to officially drop the latest Apple smartphone onto concrete.

As the first person to leave the Perth Apple Store with an iPhone 6 in hand, he was hounded by the local media who had come to cover the event. When he attempted to open the iPhone’s box, the handset flipped out of its container and bounced on the pavement, provoking a huge reaction from the crowd and for the reporter to double over laughing.

It’s unclear how much damage the phone sustained, as “Jack” scooped it up immediately, put it back in the box, and tried to change the subject. 

As embarrassing as the video will be for Jack, it is also instructive for other would-be iPhone owners. The packaging is very snug, so better wait until you’re home and the box is sitting on the table before trying to open it.

Jack isn’t the first person to break the new iPhone — iFixit, the online gadget analysis and repair site, has torn down the new phablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus to see what’s inside and find out how easy it would be to repair if, like Jack, you’ve managed to drop it on concrete. Jack will be happy to learn that the latest-generation Apple smartphone is also the easiest to repair, especially when it comes to replacing the screen, and that most of the internal space is taken up by a monster battery.