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Watch: Lions follow Dumpster fire on final drive with actual fire near locker room

As metaphors go, you can’t beat this one for the Detroit Lions:

Hey! It’s a big case full of tasty delicious food! Boy, I sure would love some of that fine NFL stadium suite fare! Why, I’ll just open up this case and HOLY GOD HELLFIRE SO MUCH HELLFIRE!!!!

No word on how the fire started, but it may as well have been ignited by the collective fury of 63,240 Detroit fans livid at seeing what seemed to be a sure win over the Atlanta Falcons snatched from their grasp. Golden Tate appeared to score with eight seconds left, but a review overturned that play and ran the final seconds off the clock to give Atlanta the narrowest possible victory.

This just fits for Detroit, doesn’t it? This is a team that’s absolutely one of the best in the NFC, with a quarterback who finally seems to be ascending to elite status, and yet still everything somehow turns to ash.

Fire! (Via @KingoftheKC)

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