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Watch Megyn Kelly address Donald Trump's debate boycott during a remarkable segment of her show

megyn kelly donald trump fox news
megyn kelly donald trump fox news

(Fox News/screenshot)
Megyn Kelly.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly covered Donald Trump's sudden announcement that he won't attend the Fox-hosted presidential debate during an unusual Tuesday segment of her show.

Trump has repeatedly complained that Kelly, one of the debate moderators, would be unfair to him at the Thursday-night event.

After Fox mocked him for polling his Twitter followers about whether he should go to the debate, given Kelly's alleged bias, Trump announced he would boycott it.

"Breaking tonight. Just 48 hours before the final presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses takes place ... Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump now says he'll skip the Fox News/Google debate," Kelly announced to her viewers Tuesday.

Trump has been launching raging attacks against Kelly since last August, when she was one of three moderators at the first Fox-hosted debate. Kelly infuriated Trump at the time by asking a critical question about disparaging comments he's made about women's looks.

She replayed that moment after announcing the debate news on "The Kelly File."

"This controversy debates back to August 6 and the very first Republican debate, co-moderated by yours truly. Mr. Trump took issue with this question that I posed to him," Kelly said.

After playing a clip from the August debate, Kelly continued:

In the months since, Mr. Trump has repeatedly brought up that exchange as evidence of alleged bias on my part. I maintain it was a tough but fair question and we agreed to disagree. This past weekend, Mr. Trump resumed his complaints about yours truly, arguing that Fox News chief Roger Ailes should ban me from the debate this Thursday. Fox News had announced back in August that Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and I would be the moderators of this next debate.

Mr. Trump's complaints continued through the week, ultimately resulting in a video today he posted to Instagram hitting this issue again. Fox News responded and we'll get to all of that in a moment. As the front-runner, he was scheduled to be front and center on Thursday night, when Fox News hosts the Republican debate in Iowa. Now he says he will not show.

Kelly then discussed the impact of Trump's announcement with Fox correspondent Carl Cameron and Fox political analyst Brit Hume. Trump said instead of doing the debate, he would host a fundraiser for wounded veterans.

Watch Kelly announcing and discussing the news below:

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