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Watch: Phil Kessel gets dusted by Ryan Reaves in street ball

Penguins forward Phil Kessel is a great hockey player, but basketball does not seem for him. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

More than just an elite goal-scorer and crusher of fine hotdogs, Phil Kessel has shown over his past two Stanley Cup-winning seasons and beyond that he’s a man of many talents and skills.

Basketball evidently isn’t one of them, however.

Kessel and Ryan Reaves decided to play a little one-on-one street ball after Kessel laid down the challenge to his Penguins teammate, brashly and humorously suggesting that his athletic talents don’t cease to exist once he steps off the ice.

“I’ll play you one-on-one,” Kessel said. “I can ball.”

After several missed jumpers, including an air ball and a claim that Reaves “jumps too high,” Kessel was unable to defend nor defeat his teammate who — according to the video — handled him with absolute ease and comfort on the court.

Game, blouses.

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