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Watch: Sharks players playfully dump all over the City of Winnipeg

Tomas Hertl, among other San Jose Sharks, through some shade the city of Winnipeg.

Prior to Tuesday’s game against the Jets, a few players who currently call San Jose home took a chance to voice their thoughts on the fine city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Justin Braun,  Tim Heed and Tomas Hertl were asked their opinion on the worst city to play in and the trio all had a common answer: The Peg.

Hertl, who hails from a cold and dark land known as Praha, Czech Republic, said “I think it’s Winnipeg because every time it’s so cold and dark there. I don’t like it there.” Braun and Heed, who are from Minneapolis and Gothenberg, respectively (both cold as hell), threw some shade at the city’s climate, hotel selection and internet connection — or lack thereof).

The video was obviously meant to be a playful jab at their opponents ahead of Monday’s afternoon contest, but the Jets had the last laugh as they took the W 4-1 with Santa Clause, Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman all in attendance.

Haters gon’ hate.

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