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Watch Tiffany Haddish shame people into washing their hands in new PSA

With cold and flu season almost upon us, washing your hands after using the restroom is more important than ever — especially when Tiffany Haddish is watching.

In a new “PSA” from Method cleaning products, the Girls Trip star watches via hidden camera as unsuspecting folks leave a public restroom and face the fateful choice: to wash or not to wash. “Today, we’re going to find out how many people keep it clean when they think no one is watching,” says Haddish. Though she’s only supposed to be observing the bathroom action, the comedian can’t bear to keep quiet after watching three people come and go without giving their germy hands a good scrub.

“Excuse me! This is your inner sister, girl,” Haddish announces over a loudspeaker to one very confused bathroom user. “Could you wash your hands? That’s how you get sick. … Bet you didn’t know your conscience was urban.”

This woman was surprised to hear Tiffany Haddish telling her over a loudspeaker to wash her hands. (Photo: Method)

Lest you lose all hope in humanity, a few folks voluntarily wash up without having to be shamed into it. “I would eat off them hands,” purrs Haddish, watching as one man lathers up. “Shoot, I might do a few other things off them hands, but I can’t say it on camera.”

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