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Watch UFC’s Luke Rockhold Beat the Crap Out of an iPhone 6s

Sure, the new iPhone 6s is tough. But it’s no match for top UFC fighter Luke Rockhold.

Last week, during its semiannual smartphone torture tests, SquareTrade Labs dunked the new iPhones in water, froze them, baked them, dropped them from a height, and slowly crushed them inside a machine. Still, that was nothing compared to the cruelty imposed by the world’s No. 1 ranked bare-knuckle middleweight.

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When the 6-foot-3-inch, 185-pound Rockhold took on the 5.5-inch, 6.8-ounce iPhone 6s Plus, it was no contest. As a brave SquareTrade employee (lead writer Lawrence Wilson) held each handset above his head, Rockhold performed one of his trademark roundhouse kicks, sending the $650+ unit hurtling into a wall 8 feet away. 

First up, last year’s iPhone 6. (SPLAT!) Then the iPhone 6 Plus. (WHAM!) The iPhone 6s suffered a similar fate (CRUNCH!), as did the iPhone 6s Plus. (THUNK!) Within moments, all four handsets were lying in pieces on the padded gym floor at Rockhold’s training center, the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose. 

Moving on, Rockhold then applied his fearsome submission hold (successful in 57 percent of his ultimate fighting championship contests) to the larger handsets. The older iPhone 6 Plus — infamous for its role in last year’s “Bendgate” kerfuffle — buckled like a Dixie Cup under the heel of an elephant. But it took Rockhold a full eight seconds to bend the iPhone 6s Plus to his will, thanks no doubt to its aerospace-grade Series 7000 aluminum case.

Worse: Five minutes after the submission test was completed, the iPhone 6s Plus spontaneously caught fire, says SquareTrade’s Jessica Hoffman, spokesperson for the extended warranty specialists

“Flames shot out of it, then it started to smoke,” she says. “I thought, my God, we’ve just started an electrical fire.”

The idea for the tests came out of SquareTrade’s desire to make breakability tests a little sexier, says Hoffman. Rockhold is a childhood friend of SquareTrade’s CFO. 

“We wanted to know if a wrestler or a fighter — someone professionally strong — could bend a phone with his bare hands,” she says.

We now have our answer.  

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