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Water Technologies International Inc. has been Notified That the South African Registrar has Accepted its South African Patent Application Submitted By its Wholly Owned IP Subsidiary, Water Technologies International, LLC

Water Technologies Also Announces That it Secured the Registered Trademark for GREAT WATER in the United States

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL, August 13, 2013 - Water Technologies International, Inc. (WTII) announced today that the South African Registrar notified the Company has it has accepted the South African patent application number 2012/08348 submitted by the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Water Technologies International, LLC for its Atmospheric Water Generating technology. Having achieved this significant step which protects the Company’s valuable IP, the Company now intends to move forward with distribution and sales of the Company’s Atmospheric Water Generators in South Africa. The Company is also pleased to announce that it has secured the registered trademark for “GREAT Water” in the United States.

South Africa is the 26th largest economy in the world as measured by GDP with a population of over 48.6 million people. The need for clean drinking water continues to grow with the contamination of existing water supplies. South Africa is experiencing severe clean water scarcity issues that threaten to hold back multi-million dollar industrial and real estate development projects. Governments and private industry around the globe are currently looking at Atmospheric Water Generators and filtration products as a serious and necessary solution to address the clean water problem.

Water Technologies Inc.’s CEO, William Scott Tudor, said, “Having our technology patented in an additional major market country represents another major milestone for our Company. Water Technologies’ innovative line of products along with its defined growth strategy for countries like South Africa opens the doors for international market penetration and strong sales growth. Now that we have secured IP protection in China and South Africa we are pursuing a large number of other countries around the globe that have exciting growth opportunities that require adequate water supplies. With the help of our technology, we are able to provide the critical water supplies to help move these real estate and industrial projects forward.

For a direct link to the company’s product information “Slick Sheets” Company visit our website at: www.gr8water.net/products/product-slick-sheets.

About the Company

Water Technologies International, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries, GR8 Water, Inc. (Great Water) and Aqua Pure International, Inc. (Specializing in Filtration Systems) are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). These unique devices utilize a patent pending air purification input system to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in the air. GR8 Water makes freestanding water factory units for the home or office and large, industrial-sized water units using a modular design that can produce up to thousands of gallons of water each day from ambient air. GR8 Water strives to make safe drinking water available to everyone on the planet, making the world a better place in which to live while nurturing the environment. The Company has patents pending and has filed for additional patents with the USTPO. It has also filed globally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Its “Water village” trademark has been issued by the USPTO.

A video showing the proof of concept prototype is available at the company’s website, http://www.gr8water.net/.

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