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The New Watermelon Oreo Is Actually Getting Good Reviews

Michael Thrasher
watermelon oreos


The Candy Corn Oreo received scathing reviews in 2012 but that hasn't deterred the company from trying a new, unexpected flavor. 

Junkfoodguy.com reported June 17 that he had tasted and reviewed Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos.

The verdict? The cookies aren't so bad. 

Junkfoodguy wrote:

I am, frankly, SHOCKED.  These were good, REALLY good.  They didn’t have the overbearing sweetness that the  Candy Corn Oreos or the Blizzard Oreos or even the Birthday Cake Oreos  had.  No, these were subtle in flavor, with just enough watermelon to make me smile.

Oreo could not be reached to either confirm or deny the rumors but it looks like the watermelon cookies do exist.

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