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Water's Digital Future: The Outlook for Monitoring, Control and Data Management Systems 2016-2021 - Research and Markets


Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Water's Digital Future: The Outlook for Monitoring, Control and Data Management Systems" report to their offering.

The report has a global approach but focuses in on the markets with the best prospects and the most activity, so you can capitalise on growth in these regions ahead of your competitors. The potential of water monitoring and control systems and data analytics is multifaceted, and this report will therefore show who is active in the market and what they are doing, helping you to identify possible partners.

The water and wastewater industry is in transition to a digital revolution that has the potential to transform the industry from innovations such as the internet of things and machine learning.

Big data is changing the face of the water industry, and the management of data-driven monitoring and control systems will increasingly infiltrate every part of the water business. Driven by continued water quality regulations and the need to improve process efficiencies and optimise system performance, there has been an increased uptake of monitoring and control systems that are able to detect changes in real-time.

In the future data-feeds and cognitive computing could govern water management and inform every decision in the municipal and industrial sectors. It is critical for every company working in the water space to understand how this reality will impact future operations and opportunities in the water industry.

These smarter water projects cover the full breadth of the industry from Engineering firms advising their clients on strategy and procurement; IT giants with data management solutions to mainstream water equipment and systems suppliers facilitating data-enabled products; and specialist software companies addressing important niche performance issues. This report an essential resource for chemical and equipment suppliers, EPC contractors and consultants as well as data management, communication and software companies.

Key Sectors


- Upstream O&G

- Refining & Petrochemicals

- Mining

- Power

- Microelectronics

- Pharmaceuticals

- Food & Beverage

- Pulp & Paper


- Drinking water treatment plants

- Water distribution networks

- Wastewater treatment plants

- Wastewater networks

What systems will be covered and why:

- Sensors/meters - both water quality sensors and flow/pressure sensors

- Data management/analysis

- Automation & control systems

- Laboratory/field testing

Regions covered:

- North America

- Latin America/Caribbean

- Europe/Central Asia

- Asia Pacific

- Middle East/Africa

Market Forecasts

Spending on monitoring & control systems:

By region

- North America

- Latin America/Caribbean

- Europe/Former Soviet Union

- East Asia/Pacific

- Southern Asia

- Middle East/Africa

By sector

- Utility networks

- Utility treatment plants


- Upstream oil & gas

- Refining & petrochemicals

- Power generation

- Mining

- Food & Beverage

- Pulp & Paper

- Pharmaceuticals

- Microelectronics

- Other

By application

- Networks/Environment

- Water treatment

- Wastewater treatment

- Industrial processes

By category

- Sensors/meters

- Laboratory/field testing equipment

- Data management/analysis

- Automation & control systems

By parameter

- Flow/pressure

- Temperature

- Water quality

- Suspended solids

- Dissolved solids

- Oil & grease

- pH/Oxidation reduction potential

- Total organic carbon

- Residual disinfectants

- Dissolved oxygen

- Microbiological

- Other

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introducing Water's Digital Future

2. System Architecture

3. Market Forecast

4. Utility Networks

5. Utility Treatment Plants

6. Upstream Oil & Gas

7. Refining & Petrochemicals

8. Power

9. Mining

10. Food & Beverage

11. Pulp & Paper

12. Pharmaceuticals

13. Microelectronics

14. Interviewees

15. References

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