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Waverly Social Now Growing Instagram Followers at 50,000+ Per Month

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 6, 2018 / The growing popularity of Instagram today is hard to ignore. Changing the game as we know it, giving rise to a new class of marketers known as influencers, and making it easier than ever for brands to directly market to their ideal consumers, Instagram followers have become a new critical metric for marketers today.

One New York City Instagram management company, Waverly Social, has managed to solidify their Instagram management service within the Instagram followers growth category. The firm guarantees up to 50,000 new followers per month forany Instagram account. Unlike the fake bots flooding newsfeeds, Waverly is working with real, living breathing Instagram users that give credit to the account.

Waverly Plus

Previously offering a lowered tiered package that secures followers, by following and

unfollowing, liking/commenting on targeted users on their clients' behalf, Waverly Social this week announced the launch of their Waverly Plus service. With Waverly Plus, Waverly is now able to guarantee up to 50,000 new targeted Instagram followers per month, an impressive jump from their previous 2,000 followers, using their proprietary machine learning and optimization service.

Access Without Credentials

Waverly Social first made headlines a few months ago when they became the first company confident enough to offer guaranteed results. This month, they have become the only company able to offer growth without requiring credentials. Upon signing up for their service, clients are not required to disclose passwords or any other sensitive information that could expose the account.

This is a drastic difference from all of the existing competitors who currently still rely on the outdated follow/unfollow botting technique. Although Waverly Social's smallest Waverly Plus Plan starts at just 1,000-2,000 followers a month, the company's largest Diamond plan boasts up to 50,000+ followers!

"We take pride in our laser targeted service, securing completely organic followers for our clients; no bots included," said David Jiang, CEO of Waverly Social. "Brands can spot faulty accounts from a mile away, which is why our service is growing in popularity among influencers who need real, engaged followers to secure their branding partnerships. Never done previously, we were incredibly proud to be able to offer such a premium service. We can't wait to see how much we can change the game, and how we can help both individuals and businesses in need, to flourish."

David concluded that although he cannot disclose some of the high profile individuals using the new Waverly Plus Plan at this time, he can confirm that his company has over 3,000 happy clients signed up with their lowered tiered packages.

The Waverly Plus Plan is available starting at $400 permonth, and ensures more engagement, real and targeted followers, and potentially even more revenue. They also provide in-depth monthlyanalytics, and do not require clients to disclose any information other than their username.

For more information about Waverly Plus and their services, visit: waverlyplus.com

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