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All the ways fans wish Apple would fix iOS 11 and improve the iPhone X

Zach Epstein

Apple’s iOS 11 software is easily the company’s most controversial release since iOS 7 completely changed the look of Apple’s mobile platform in 2013. Unfortunately, iOS 11 is controversial in a much worse way. While Apple fans freaked out over the jarring new design that iOS 7 introduced, it was obviously a matter of taste. It was also obvious that people would eventually come around to the new look of iOS 7, which ditched skeuomorphism for a design that was more modern and flat. This time around, Apple’s iOS 11 platform is making waves because it’s riddled with bugs and performance issues.

Because iOS 11 has been so uncharacteristically buggy, the conversation has turned to Apple’s next-generation iOS software much sooner than it typically does. Now, in a thread on Reddit, Apple fans have begun to discuss the features they want to see most in Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 release.

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2017 was an odd year for Apple releases, all things considered. The iPhone X was probably Apple’s most hotly anticipated product release since 2014’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and yet sales have reportedly been much lower than Apple was expecting. The phone’s bold new design that ditches Touch ID and the home button is likely playing a role, as is the phone’s sky-high price tag that starts at $1,000.

Making matters worse is that hardware isn’t Apple’s only problem right now. iOS 11 has been Apple’s rockiest software release in years thanks to bugs, security holes, and performance issues. It’s made some people so crazy that they think iOS is now a mess Apple will never be able to fix. That’s obviously a ridiculous notion, but it’s easy to see why people have grown so frustrated with the software.

With iOS 11, Apple is reportedly focusing mainly on improving performance and the overall iOS user experience. There will be new features added, of course, but several additions have reportedly been pushed back to subsequent releases so that Apple’s software engineers can focus on fixing bugs and refining existing features.

since Apple will focus on improving its mobile experience with iOS 12, Apple fans took to Reddit over the weekend to discuss ways Apple might be able to improve the new iPhone X with a new software build. A thread titled “How can Apple improve the iPhone X with iOS 12?” had more than 200 comments at the time of this writing, and users had plenty of good ideas to share with each other.

Not surprisingly, the top two requests were the same ones we’ve been seeing for years. First, people want a system-wide dark mode. Talk of a dark mode has been going on for as long as we can remember, but it actually makes more sense now than it ever has before, considering the iPhone X’s OLED display. The other top request is an overhaul to iOS’s notification system. It seems like everyone at this point agrees that iOS notifications are deeply flawed in so many ways, though it’s unclear if Apple plans to make any serious changes anytime soon.

Beyond that, users had plenty of great suggestions that ranged from allowing users to reassign default apps and create direct shortcuts to settings, to allowing third-party apps in Control Center and allowing users to customize lock screen shortcuts. The full thread offers interesting insights into hardcore Apple fans’ various problems with iOS, and you can check it out on Reddit.

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