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WAYV Launches First-of-its-Kind Technology to Streamline and Optimize Cannabis Distribution in California

WAYV launches "Dynamic Distribution," the first and only logistics technology for cannabis brands and distributors to manage the supply chain quickly, intelligently, and professionally

VENICE, Calif., Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- WAYV—the leading logistics and e-commerce platform helping cannabis brands and retailers with logistics, compliance, and everything needed to build a business—today announced the launch of their first-of-its-kind "Dynamic Distribution" technology. WAYV's Dynamic Distribution is the first and only logistics technology for licensed cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers to manage the supply chain quickly, intelligently, and professionally while guaranteeing next-day delivery throughout the state of California. Former Eaze CEO and Founder, Keith McCarty, and his team of former Eaze early executives and engineers built WAYV and are focused on providing the best business-to-business technology and experience for cannabis brands, retailers, and distributors possible.

"Dynamic Distribution optimizes all aspects of existing distribution infrastructure to provide a consistent and professional experience for brands and distributors and next-day delivery for retailers and customers," said WAYV CEO Keith McCarty. "Brands and distributors have never had this level of insight, speed, and predictability throughout the supply chain. Our agile technology is the smartest and fastest solution on the market for fulfilling and distributing cannabis product orders to anywhere in California within a day."

Cannabis distribution is outdated and mostly paper-based. This accessibility gap has fragmented the supply chain, making it difficult for brands, distributors, and retailers to ship and receive products reliably and professionally. The growing legal cannabis market demands multiple types of distributors who can deliver products to every corner of California quickly and professionally to meet growing customer demand. 

WAYV's Dynamic Distribution technology provides brands and distributors a turnkey solution that is a smarter and less expensive path for getting products to store shelves. It activates a distribution network in real time based off of the parameters of a single order, providing the most efficient way for products to hit store shelves. Brands of all sizes will be able to access this distribution network to quickly, intelligently, and reliably deliver their products throughout the entire state of California within 24-hours. 

Brands like GoldDrop are implementing WAYV's technology so they can now distribute their products throughout the entire state. 

"Our company can finally ensure quicker delivery times," said GoldDrop CEO Joseph Encinosa. "WAYV's technology not only adds distribution stability and a 100% guarantee, but it also presents an incredible opportunity for our products to be accessible throughout the entire California market." 

WAYV's Dynamic Distribution technology provides a real-time tracking system, so customers can check in on their order at anytime with the click of a button. The technology also offers predicted load balancing, so that brands and distributors can get the right amount of product to the right location and prepare to fill orders before they even come in. WAYV's Dynamic Distribution technology ensures 100% order and delivery accuracy and eliminates errors from out-dated solutions that cost brands and distributors valuable time and money.

WAYV serves more than 80 percent of licensed cannabis retailers and partners with over 80 brands in California, giving cannabis distributors and retailers a new gold standard in logistics technology and cannabis brands increased visibility in an increasingly growing market. WAYV partners can immediately take advantage of the benefits of their Dynamic Distribution technology. To learn more about how WAYV is adding value to the cannabis industry, visit www.wayv.com.

About WAYV:
WAYV is the leading logistics and e-commerce platform helping cannabis brands and retailers solve their logistics, compliance and everything else needed to build your business. WAYV serves over 80% of licensed cannabis retailers in California, partners with over 80 brands, guarantees next-day delivery, provides flexible payment options, and real-time data for inventory and sales, providing new and valuable transparency into the supply chain for cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers.

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