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Wealthiest 2020 Democrat Tom Steyer qualifies for November debate

Evie Fordham

The wealthiest Democrat in the 2020 race, billionaire Tom Steyer, announced Sunday that he qualified for the November debate.

Steyer is worth a whopping $1.6 billion. Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney is the runner-up with a net worth of roughly $200 million.

"Tom is surging because he’s not part of the establishment and his message of ending the corporate takeover of our government is resonating," his campaign manager Heather Hargreaves said in a statement. "Tom is excited to continue getting out there and meeting with voters all across the country, hearing their stories, and connecting with them personally, and we are thrilled to see him on stage sharing his vision with the full country at the DNC debate in Ohio on October 15th and in November."

Steyer's campaign said on Sunday that he had already surpassed the necessary 165,000 donor threshold by the time the Democratic National Committee had announced the minimum number needed.

Steyer has long focused on two issues, combating climate change and impeaching President Trump.


FOX Business' Ann Schmidt contributed to this report.

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