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Wealthy People Are Most Likely to Use Online Coupons

Brandon Ballenger
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Liliane Bettencourt
Liliane Bettencourt

Net worth: $30 billion
Country: France
Source of wealth: L'Oreal
At age 90, Liliane Bettencourt is the world's richest woman, and enters the top ten list of the world's wealthiest people for the first time since 1999. She and her family own over 30% of L'Oreal, which her father founded.

Liliane Bettencourt

The next time you type in a coupon code to get a discount on an online purchase, you should feel both rich and smart.

That’s because online shoppers with household incomes above $75,000 a year are most likely to use a type of online coupon known as a promotional code, while those with incomes below $35,000 are least likely, according to a new survey conducted for PromotionalCodes.com.

The survey found that among the $75,000-and-up group, nearly three-quarters sometimes use promo codes and a quarter often do. Among those with household incomes between $35,000 and $74,999, 65 percent sometimes use promo codes and 19 percent often do. When it comes to the group that probably needs promo codes the most, 59 percent sometimes use them and 17 percent often do.

College grads, wealthy or not, are also more likely to use online promotional codes. Seventy-three percent do at least sometimes, and nearly a third often or always do, the survey says. Only 65 percent of those with a high school education or less said they sometimes do, and less than a quarter said they often or always do.

“It’s commonly believed that the practice of bargain hunting is reserved for those with less money, but this survey clearly shows that those with higher incomes are savvier online shoppers,” Regina Novickis, a consumer savings expert with PromotionalCodes.com, said in a press release. “Likewise, college graduates are putting their educations to use when it comes to shopping smarter by using online discount codes.”

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