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5 New Wearables: A Bluetooth Leash, Fitness Sensor Earbuds, and More

Rafe Needleman
Editorial Director, Yahoo Tech
Yahoo Tech

Wearables are where it’s at. But there’s more cool stuff available than just Google Glass, clunky nerd watches, and a bunch of big-name fitness bands. Here are some different and up-and-coming wearables gadgets you probably haven’t heard of … yet

1. FreeWavz headphones.
These new bluetooth earbuds have two special tricks. First, there is no wire between them, so there’s nothing to get tangled up. Second, they’re fitness earbuds. They measure your pulse, and even blood oxygen levels, by shining a light through the front of your ear and then reading the color and density of the light that’s picked up by a sensor on the back.

FreeWavz is currently a Kickstarter project.

2. Pivothead SMART.
Want to record your next sports adventure from your own point of view? Get a pair of glasses with a camera built in — and for a lot less than Google Glass. The Pivothead glasses start at $199 and record HD video. The upcoming SMART line will let you transmit video live over the Internet with the addition of a plug-in module that fits behind the ear.

The SMART will be $299 when it ships; it’s just a prototype now. Pivothead’s current products will record, but they don’t transmit.

3. Augumenta augmented-reality technology.
Augumenta is a software company that wants to let you control your smart glasses by making gestures in front of your face. The technology uses existing headsets and shows you control buttons and keyboards on top of physical objects — like your hands. You then control them by pointing to these buttons or by making other gestures.

You can’t get Augumenta technology today; the company is trying to sell it to glasses manufacturers, like Google.

4. ActvContent’s Sync wristband.
Got a bunch of kids to keep track of? ActvContent’s Sync wristband will act as a Bluetooth leash for your little ones. If they go out of range from you and your phone, you’ll get an immediate alert. The bands also monitor fitness activity, and if a whole family uses them, everyone can keep up with everyone else’s goals.

This is an Indiegogo project.

5. Stelle Audio Clutch
Not all wearable technology has to strap on to your face or your wrist. Here’s a bluetooth speaker you wear like a purse. In fact, it looks exactly like a purse. 

This product is available now for $349 to $399, depending on style.

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