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How to Weatherproof Your Finances

Sarah Kaufman



The last year has brought us all sorts of storms, the most intense of which was Superstorm Sandy, a powerful Category 3 hurricane that traveled up most of the East Coast in October and caused about $74 billion in damage.

There were a slew of other hurricanes, including Hurricane Isaac, Tropical Storm Debby, Hurricane Ernesto and others. The storms throughout the year collectively caused more than 350 deaths and at least $76 billion in damage. Experts say it was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane season since 2008 and the costliest since 2005.

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While we can’t do anything to keep these types of storms from roaring across the nation, we also can’t sit back this year and wait for another Sandy to destroy the homes and lives of so many Americans. One action we can take is to weatherproof our finances so that in the unfortunate event of a deadly, life-altering storm, our money is safe and we can start to rebuild.

Ensure access to extra cash.

Store cash in a safe place so that if you’re unable to get to a bank or other financial institution because of a storm, you’ll have access to additional money.

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Embrace digital tools that are here to help.

Even in the worst storm, the Cloud isn’t going anywhere. If your power goes out and you lose access to the Internet, all of your information will still be stored online. To ensure that all of your financial information is safely stored in one place, try using a website or mobile tool, such as free account management service Manilla.com, to manage your accounts. When you use technology to manage your money, you automatically have digital back-ups of all of your bills and statements.

Confirm your coverage.

Make sure to get the proper insurance necessary for all of your important assets. This includes your home, your car, expensive jewelry or heirlooms, and other things that could be damaged in a storm. Consult an insurance professional to confirm that you’re properly protected.

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Protect your identity.

In the unfortunate event that your important and private information is scattered or lost because of a natural disaster, you need to make identity protection part of your prevention plan. Store your Social Security card in a safe, fireproof and waterproof area so that it’s not damaged, lost or stolen in the event of a natural disaster. Avoid keeping documents with your account and Social Security numbers lying around and instead opt for online document storage.

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