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Weborama: 2019 first-half earnings

2019 first-half earnings

Profitability impacted by lower sales and continued investment

Press release – Paris, October 17, 2019, 5:45pm

Weborama (FR0010337444 – ALWEB – PEA PME), a global leader for data science delivering scientific consumer insights, is reporting its earnings for the first half of 2019, ended June 30, 2019.

€m June 30, 2019 June 30, 2018  
Revenues 15,15 16,01  
Gross margin 9,96 10,22  
Gross margin rate 66% 64%  
EBIT -1,53 -0,15  
Financial income and expenses - -0,03  
Non-recurring income and expenses -0,30 -0,20  
Minority interests and income from associates -0,43 -0,46  
Net income (Group share) -1,09 0,11  

In a market environment that has continued to be affected by the introduction of GDPR in Europe, Weborama generated revenues of €15.2m for the first half of 2019, down 5.4% from the first half of 2018, despite a slight growth in the Data Strategy division.

International sales amounted to 68% of revenues, slightly down compared to the same period last year.

The gross margin rate came to 66%, a slight improvement over the same period last year when it was 64%.

Marketing efforts in the United States continue as well as investments in research and development.

Consequently, half-year EBIT was -€1.53m (vs. -€0.15m for H1 2018).

In line with its sustained Research and Development efforts, the Group has a research tax credit of €1.2m for 2019 half-year.

After considering financial income and expenses and tax, the Group’s net income represents

At June 30, 2019, the Group had €5m in cash (plus € 2 million in research tax credit for 2018 to be cashed after June 30, 2019) with its financial debt down to €2.6m (vs €3.8m at December 31, 2018) and €22.4m of shareholders’ equity.

Publication of the half-year financial report
The 2019 half-year financial report is available to the public today. It can be consulted on the company’s website at www.weborama.com/en under “Financial Statements / Financial documents”.

Weborama is a world leader for data science supporting businesses with their digital marketing transformation thanks to its range of tools and expertise delivering scientific consumer insights. In a globalized marketing world within which the relationship between brands and their audiences is increasingly individualized, Weborama provides a custom proprietary data solution that is efficient, non-intrusive and competitive, on a global scale, for next-generation marketers.

Weborama’s solutions include a number of proprietary technologies, particularly a data management platform (DMP), fed by one of the world’s most advanced behavioral databases (BigSea: 1.5 billion anonymized profiles, 220 qualification criteria). Expanding strongly, this database benefits from exclusive Data Science capabilities combining Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Listed on Euronext GrowthTM in Paris, Weborama is developing its expertise in around 30 countries, supported by a team of 250 people. Weborama is an accredited research entity in France and a member of the Excellence Club of BPI France, which has awarded the Group its “Innovative Business” label. It is also eligible for SME share-based savings schemes (PEA-PME).


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