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New Website Could Become The Playboy Of Pot

Laura Brodbeck

This week, the marijuana industry saw rapper Snoop Dogg announce a new marijuana lifestyle platform called Merry Jane. Snoop unveiled his intentions while joking about the marijuana culture and promising to feature smoking celebrities recounting their first pot experiences.

While the site is likely to appeal to college students and even young adults who are a part of the marijuana culture that Snoop Dogg represents, it will do little to draw in thousands of other users like the elderly, working professionals and athletes.

Civilized Pot

Enter Civilized. On Tuesday, startup Saint Johns Revolution Strategy launched a new website called Civilized which targets marijuana's "high brow" users. The company's founder and publisher Derek Riedle said that the site's style is designed to appeal to the underserved pot market-- working professionals who aren't defined by marijuana usage, but enjoy its effects to relax or be creative.

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Transforming Pot Perceptions

The site includes pertinent topics relating to marijuana, but also encompasses broader lifestyle topics. Riedle wants the site to attract people based on their other interests as well, so it will include topics that may appeal to business people, teachers and athletes who happen to smoke marijuana in their free time.

While marijuana-related sites are a dime-a-dozen at the moment, Civilized is hoping to appeal to an undeserved part of the marijuana movement. Some have likened the company's mission to that of Playboy, saying it takes something considered taboo or indecent and normalizes it.


So far, Civilized has gained the backing of 14 angel investors and is expected to continue growing once the content is monetized. At the moment, the stories are free, but Riedle is planning to support the site through advertising in the future.

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