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Wednesday's Morning Email: What The Democrats' Major Election Wins Mean For Trump


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BREAKING DOWN THE WAVE OF ELECTION VICTORIES THAT SERVE AS A REBUKE TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP Democrats had a banner night securing victories across the country Tuesday, gaining key state legislative seats, governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, and full control of the state governments of New Jersey and Washington. The wave is seen as the first major triumph for Democrats in the Trump era. And here’s a list of all the historic wins for Democrats ― from Virginia’s first openly transgender state lawmaker to the first time various cities had elected a woman as mayor. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] TRUMP SLAMS GOP CANDIDATE FOLLOWING BIG VIRGINIA LOSS Republican candidate for Virginia governor Ed Gillespie’s loss is the biggest for the GOP since Trump’s election, and the president was not happy about it. Gillespie had run a Trump-style campaign, but the president tweeted Tuesday night that the candidate didn’t fully embrace him or what he stands for. Just hours earlier, Trump touted Gillespie’s record. Former Republican National Committee chair Micheal Steele couldn’t resist a Twitter jab over the Virginia loss. [HuffPost] MAINE VOTES TO EXPAND MEDICAID UNDER OBAMACARE Which will extend health coverage to 70,000 low-income people. [HuffPost] THE LONGEST SHORTEST TIME Take a look back at the 365 dayssince Trump won the presidency. According to a HuffPost/YouGov survey, Trump voters, but few others, believe he’ll fulfill his election promises. [HuffPost] THE TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTER ESCAPED FROM A BEHAVIORIAL HEALTH FACILITY IN 2012 He reportedly had made death threats to military officials. Survivors of the Sunday shooting recounted how Devin Patrick Kelley yelled, “you’re gonna die” while firing into pews, aiming at children. And take a look at how quickly right-wing conspiracy theoriststied Kelley to “antifa terror” before anyone knew anything. [HuffPost] TRUMP OPENS THE DOOR TO NEGOTIATIONS WITH NORTH KOREA In a pivotal speech to South Korea’s National Assembly, Trump asked Kim Jong Un to “come to the table and make a deal.” He also managed to mention a Trump golf club during his speech. [HuffPost] WHAT’S BREWING

ACTRESS KRISTINA COHEN SAYS ‘GOSSIP GIRL’ STAR ED WESTWICK RAPED HER Three years ago. The Los Angeles police are investigating the claim, which Westwick flat-out denies. [HuffPost] UNDERSTANDING THE SHADOW PROFILE AND CONNECTIONS FACEBOOK USES TO FIGURE OUT EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER MET Which explains how that botched date or the guy who sold you your couch on Craigslist inexplicably popped up in your “People You May Know” section. [Gizmodo] INTRODUCING HUFFPOST’S ‘THIS IS SKETCHY’ It’s been one year since the presidential election. Try your hand at illustrating what’s on your mind with HuffPost’s new comic generator. Share your creations with the hashtag, #SketchThisYear, and we’ll share the best submissions on our social accounts! [HuffPost] THIS NEW GOOGLE TOOL SHOWS YOU RESTAURANT AND GROCERY STORE WAIT TIMES Allowing you to invest all that saved time into scouring the menu. [HuffPost] WE’VE GOT YOUR WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT GIVING COVERED Check out the Hidden Valley holiday merchandise ― mini ranch keg, ugly sweater and all. [HuffPost] FIND YOURSELF SOMEONE Who can troll you as hard as Ryan Reynolds just trolled his wife, Blake Lively. [HuffPost]


America’s drug overdose rate keeps getting worse. To stem the rise of superbugs, the World Health Organization is calling for an end of routine antibiotic use in livestock. Richard Spencer attempted to explain slavery’s benefits to a black journalist. It didn’t go well. The former TV news anchor whose girlfriend was killed on air won a state seat in Virginia. Baseball is in mourning after legendary retired pitcher Roy Halladay died in a plane crash. He was 40. FSU has suspended Greek life on campus following a student’s death while pledging. These former felons in Virginia talked to HuffPost about what the ability to vote meant for them. MSNBC sends off Chris Christie with a montage of the “long strange trip it’s been.” Three UCLA basketball players are being detained in China for allegedly shoplifting. Forbes says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been misrepresenting his wealth to the tune of a phantom $2 billion. The strange, strange tale of Omarosa taking wedding photos in the White House. Folks are showing how they’ve changed since Election Day 2016 ― and it isn’t always pretty. The owner of TJ Maxx has been paying workers in Puerto Rico, regardless of whether or not they’ve been able to work. Is this Blue Apron’s “last hope?” When the Ritz-Carlton is a makeshift prison... The New York Times brilliantly showcased the new Twitter character limit. Koalas are in danger of going extinct by 2040. If this article on paying for friends and family actors isn’t the basis of a future “Black Mirror” episode, we don’t know what is. We could watch the mesmerizing restoration of this centuries-old oil painting all day. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but the pineapple tree trend might end up in our home the day after Thanksgiving ― lights and all. This is the painting Britney Spears sold for $10,000. Yes, this painting of flowers that looks like a wannabe Lisa Frank folder got $10,000. We want to stay in this life-sized Lego house and feel 8 years old all over again. The T-Swift-streaming wars continue: Here’s how long you’ll have to wait to stream her album after its release Nov. 10.

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