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Wednesday Apple Rumors: More Android Users Buying iPhones

Karl Utermohlen

A recent report found that more smartphone owners are moving away from Android and buying iPhones. That and other news items make our weekly Wednesday Apple rumors (NASDAQ:AAPL).

Wednesday Apple Rumors

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Android to iPhoneConsumer Intelligence Research Partners released a report that revealed that in the 30 days following the release of the iPhone XR, 16% of iPhone buyers in the U.S. moved away from Android phones and got an Apple smartphone. The new iPhone XR raked in roughly 32% of iPhone sales in the U.S. in the 30 days after it was released, which follows speculation that iPhone sales are sliding as suppliers have reduced their outlook on the device.

Apple Mac Software on iPad: YouTuber Jonathan Morrison launched a tutorial that reveals how iPad owners can run the software from Mac computers on your iPad. He set it up so the iPad would sit on a stand with a keyboard underneath in order to mimic the use of a real computer. It has all the macOS apps, including Finder, Safari and more. It also has the iPad’s touch screen and Apple Pencil functions, as well as the rest. Learn more about it here.

48 Hour Apple Deals: B&H has a number of deals that you can access for 48 hours, including iPad Pros for $599, 2018 Mac Minis for $699 apiece, MacBook Airs starting at $799, as well as up to $900 off MacBook Pros.

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