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Wee Wearables: Not Just For Health-Conscious Adults

Javier Hasse

Fitness wearables like Fitbit Inc (NYSE: FIT), Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) have had considerable success, prompting other companies to make incursions in the field. Particularly interesting are the initiatives of a few companies that are aiming their products atbabies. Yes, babies.

Firms like Owlet, Sproutling, Mimo and Nest are now allowing parents to live monitor their baby’s breathing, heart rate, skin temperature and sleeping patterns, among other things.

For instance:

  • The Owlet has created a $249 sock that keeps track of babies’ heart rates and oxygen levels
  • Sproutling offers a similar product that comes in the form of a $259 ankle bracelet
  • Mimo has created a heart rate and oxygen levels monitor as well; it’s integrated into a $199.99+ onesie that, combined with an a woven Nest thermostat, allows parents to remotely change the temperature in their babyies’ bedrooms.
  • Kinsa health has created an FDA-approved, $24.99 Smart Thermometer that connects to smartphones’ headphone jacks.
  • Pacif-i offers a $36 smart dummy, a pacifier that streams a baby’s temperature into your mobile device, and comes with a built in buzzer to find it when misplaced.

In addition, there are companies that are making other sorts of baby gadgets. For example:

  • Withings Home offers a smart security camera/baby monitor ($199.95) with advanced functions, including a nightlight, lullaby music, infrared vision and monitoring of air quality.
  • Garmin has also entered the baby tech arena, with a $199.99 baby cam for your car.

Disclosure: Javier Hasse holds no positions in any of the securities mentioned above.

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