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The Week That Was

Brian Bolan

Lots of interesting things going on this week in the market. Which was most important to you?

  • I saw some distinct warning signs coming out of the retail sector this week. Heard about bad foot traffic at TGT and that followed a bad report from WMT the other week.  Seems retailers might be facing a challenging 3Q and 4Q.


  • Steve Ballmer is retiring at age 57 -- we should all be so lucky -- or should I say 58?  It's going to happen within a year, but who knows who will take over or when.  We do know how much Wall Street loved the news, sending the stock up more than 7% intraday.  It’s a big story.


  • The NASDAQ hit control alt delete on Thursday... and was shut down for hours.  So much for mission critical software.  This was supposed to be the home of the tech market, and this comes about a year after the FB IPO flop.  Was this as big of a blow to investor confidence as I think it was? Does this mean that NDAQ is a short?


  • Speaking of everyone's favorite social network, FB is now over the IPO price of $38 and even surged to a new 52 week high today at $40.19 (at the time of writing this... wouldn't be surprised if it goes higher).


Was there any other event this week that made you think differently about the market?

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