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This week on 'The Morning Rose': Bekah is surprisingly likable but not enough to win

Just when you thought The Bachelor has completely inundated the media depository, The Morning Breath offers a new space to get your fix for The Bachelor and all things somewhat Bachelor-related. In this week’s second edition of “The Morning Rose,” Jackie and Claudia Oshry dive into the 22nd season’s second show, featuring formerly controversial bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the remaining single women pining for his love.

It’s the second episode of the season and viewers at home are making moves to invest in contestants, follow their social media, and make some concrete predictions about their future on the show.

This week, Becca K. had a strange but entertaining date as she tried on couture clothes as though she’s never been shopping before. Evidently, being from Missouri qualifies you as less than glamorous, and the date was intended to expose Becca to the finer things in life. We found it mildly offensive.

“He basically was like, ‘You’re poor,’” laughs Claudia. “I literally would’ve been like, ‘Please, please stop,’” says Jackie.

While first dates of the season historically get far and often into the final four, they’re rarely the last woman standing and we fear that this is the case with Becca.

In other Becca news, Arie likes Bekah M. more than we would’ve predicted. How could anyone foresee a pixie-cut-sporting girl hitting it off with the bachelor so quickly! The only reasonable explanation for Bekah’s well-received persona is firmly believing that her hair grows out by the end of the season. Fingers crossed.

In news of who is annoying us, Krystal has some type of way of staying quiet while never shutting up. We empathize with Krystal wanting to keep her date with Arie private, considering it’s truly no one else’s business, but then don’t talk about it! Hinting at your date without actually sharing is just irritating and unnecessary. And Bibiana, although we love her, needs to realize that her time with Arie is her own problem. Welcome to the competition show where fighting for your man is part of the game, so stop blaming Krystal for your dwindling time with the bach.

Viewers said goodbye to Valerie (had to go), Jenny, and gracious Lauren G. We’re losing Laurens!

As for TMB’s top four, we foresee Becca K., Bekah M., Tia, and Caroline standing tall in the weeks to come. Caroline, of course, is a predicted finalist, since the first girl out of the limo in the season premiere usually makes it fairly far, according to Jackie. And we just really like Tia, so she’ll be up there too.

Check back next week for the next segment of “The Morning Rose,” as seen on The Morning Breath.