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Western Automotive Manufacturers prepares Fuel Cell Vehicles for Sale

LONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vehicle fuel cells usually act as range extenders for fast refueling time and range vs. battery electric powertrains the alternative with zero local pollution

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Objectives of the report:

·         This report is intended for those seeking to invest, support, develop, make, sell or use vehicle fuel cell systems and their materials and associated services.

·          It will also assist those participating in the value chain of alternatives, such as batteries and supercapacitors, to understand the considerable opportunities for both collaborative use of their components with fuel cells and scope for common technologies.

Interest is re-igniting in vehicle fuel cells after decades of minimal uptake primarily caused by high costs and lack of hydrogen infrastructure but also affected by several other challenges appraised in this report.

Here are some key findings the study suggests:

·         Indeed now is the time to invest, when so many companies have left the business but the first sales in thousands of fuel cell vehicles - in the form of forklifts - are happening without subsidies and you can newly buy fuel cell cars from top names.

·         From Taiwan and Japan, fuel cell scooters now look plausible, the USA uses fuel cells in military vehicles and now fuel cell buses and cars are even shown to double as the emergency electricity supplies sought in Japan.

·         The other option for zero pollution at point of use, the pure electric battery or supercapacitor vehicle, is improving rapidly and they will often go head to head in the marketplace.

·          Energy density of the fuel is irrelevant if the powertrain using it is larger and heavier.

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