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Western Graphite Announces the Acquisition of Eco-Friendly Sanitation Company Atmosphere Global LLC

EAST MEADOW, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 4, 2015) - Western Graphite, Inc. ( OTC PINK : WSGP ) (the "Company") is pleased to announce its intent to purchase Atmosphere Global LLC, a producer of non-toxic, non-corrosive, pH neutral, 100% biodegradable ecofriendly products that serve as cleaners, sanitizers and odor eliminators, with numerous applications in industries including, but not limited to, agribusiness, food processing, industrial and commercial cleaning, transportation, waste, waste water reclamation, boating, marine and mining. Atmosphere's innovative products are scientifically proven nontoxic, safe for the earth, humans and animals. Atmosphere's products are being evaluated to be used as a sanitizing air scrubber. In cleaning applications, Atmosphere fully replaces the use of chlorine, acids, and other harsh commonly used toxic compounds thereby safely solving many industry and household needs. Atmosphere has conducted extensive product research with successful field trials in Australia and the USA. Manufacturing and distribution is established in Australia, New Zealand and in the USA.

Upon finalization of the acquisition, Western Graphite, Inc., a company invested in mining operations, will integrate Atmosphere Global LLC ownership into its board. The Company's management team that is presently in place will be a great asset to the Atmosphere team. Western Graphite's CEO comes to the table with her marketing background. The Company's CFO is well prepared to handle the growth potential of Atmosphere when it becomes a fortune 500 company, as it is destined to be. To achieve this growth, Atmosphere's team will be focusing on doing what it does best: growing the product through sales, marketing and development. Additionally, the Company is expecting to make a change of name in the near future with the ticker symbol remaining the same. The Company is eager to see Atmosphere's product utilized within the mining industry, as it is expected to have a major role. The synergy that Western graphite's past brings with Atmosphere's ability to work in the mining space is expected to be profitable for the Company.

The Company is eager to market and distribute Atmosphere's products to a broad range of markets. One such is the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOS including Poultry, Hog and Dairy industries) that all have the need for products to eliminate odor and gases (ammonia and hydrogen sulfide) caused by the decomposition of waste. The benefits to solving these challenges would lead to the improvement of animal health, and improving the environment. Other industries with odor control challenges will most likely contain ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. The concentration of the gases will depend on the nature of that industry. Atmosphere's unique formula attacks and breaks down these offending gases at the molecular level to eliminate them within 30 seconds resulting in an improved environment for the animals and the environment. These reduction results have been validated in the Sydney University Bimolecular Engineering Laboratory.

Atmosphere can be used to control pathogens that plague these and many industries. Surface pathogen kill studies confirming this have been performed by Siliker Labs, showing that Atmosphere products kill a number of pathogens that plague the food industry such as salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Listeria and Asperigillus, thus replacing chlorinated and other harmful cleaning and sanitizing methods with a 100% safe Atmosphere alternative.

Atmosphere's EPA application approval process is in the beginning stage. Upon EPA approval, Atmosphere will be able to be sold as a hospital grade disinfectant and make the pathogen kill claims in the USA, as are being made in Australia. Atmosphere is currently being sold as a cleaner and odor eliminator in the USA market.

To learn more about Atmosphere's products: http://www.atmosau.com/home22.html

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Western Graphite Inc., an exploration stage company, focuses on the exploration of mining properties. The company was formerly known as Lucky Strike Explorations Inc. and changed its name to Western Graphite Inc. in February 2013. Western Graphite Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in East Meadow, New York.

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