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WeVow and International Festivals & Events Association Partner to Proactively Address Sexual Misconduct at Events

BOISE, Idaho, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  WeVow today announced its exclusive partnership with the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) , to help IFEA members proactively address sexual misconduct at events.

WeVow equips organizations of all types and sizes to make a public promise to build a culture of safety and trust and take a clear stance against sexual misconduct.

WeVow Founder and CEO, Matt Pipkin, commented, "We're thrilled to partner with the IFEA to offer their members the opportunity to extend the safety, trust and clarity of a WeVow membership to their event staff, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors. It's a powerful statement that elevates the thinking of everyone at an event."

Here's a statement from Steve Schmader, CFEE, President & CEO of the IFEA, about this exciting partnership: 

"As we track the trends and issues across the global festivals and events, we have been disappointed to find far too many headlines in recent years covering sexual misconduct at events (in-house and on-site). And while the most prominent media coverage is usually focused on the larger music festival niche of our industry, the reality is that sexual misconduct can happen at events of all types, genres, and sizes, just as it can within all size businesses, corporations and organizations.

The IFEA believes that our collective industry, together, must take proactive steps to address this growing concern, while protecting the brand and image of all events, assuring employees, volunteers, attendees, sponsors and all stakeholders, that our events and the organizations behind them have chosen to live by and provide the highest standards of respect, dignity, safety and security possible.

WeVow has created a special program that will allow event organizations to protect their employees and volunteers year-round, and to gear up for shorter, selected timeframes to protect and make a statement to all of those attending or working your event(s)."

IFEA members who join WeVow will have access to:

  • Custom URL with reporting platform for those affected by incidents
  • Custom-branded signage for events and workplaces
  • Training guide for key event staff and volunteers
  • "What's Next?" Resource for those who have reported incidents
  • Free counseling for internal staff members
  • Increased attendee and stakeholder confidence, safety, and trust in participating event organizations through positive media messaging

Learn more about this partnership here: https://wevow.com/journal/2019/05/21/wevow-ifea/


The International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) is 'The Premier Association Supporting and Enabling Festival & Event Professionals Worldwide', working with all types and sizes of events, including some of the most recognizable around the globe.

Learn more - www.ifea.com

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WeVow equips organizations to make a public promise to build a culture of safety and trust and take a clear stance against sexual misconduct. Attract great people and give them a voice.

Learn more:  www.wevow.com         

Contact: Matt Pipkin, Founder & CEO - 215166@email4pr.com - 208-830-3885


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