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WeWork had DMC perform at a meeting justifying cost-cutting layoffs

Jack Morse

Because when explaining massive layoffs to your employees, there's nothing like a performance by legendary hip-hop artist Darryl McDaniels of Run-DMC to make it all go down easier. 

So appeared to be the thinking of WeWork (since rebranded as The We Company) co-founder Adam Neumann who, at a 2016 all-hands meeting justifying the decision to layoff 7 percent of the company's workforce in an effort to cut costs, brought out DMC to play a set for those lucky enough to still be employed by the newly penny-pinching business. And yes, the tequila shots flowed. 

So reports the Wall Street Journal in what is, frankly, a bonkers recounting of the co-founder's escapades over the past few years.  Read more...

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