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WHAM Announces New IT Team for the Launch of its Mobile Encryption Network

PARK RIDGE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2015 / Wham Inc. (WFMC) - The Woodman Holdings Mobile Encryption Division is pleased to announce a "behind the scenes look," at its new mobile encryption network. Management is proud to announce that it has brought on a seasoned IT professional team to its new division that will be overseen by IT professional Josh Neyer. Josh will be advising and overseeing the engineering and build out of the company's new infrastructure that will eventually, be supporting tens of millions of subscribers. Josh's extensive background is in critical IT infrastructure that supports institutional financial data enterprises. The strategy and development of WHAM's SOW, (statement of work) began last month for the launch of its new diversified data center, along with compute and bandwidth requirements. The SOW, is the infrastructure network from which the company will launch and deploy its new mobile encryption software, and from were its new online portal will begin accepting new business. As the base systems are being installed, WHAM's new IT team will be developing the user portal with the architects of the product. The scalability and resiliency are a top priority of having a simplified experience during profile administration. The company expects to deliver and maintain a redundant system that has zero downtime. WHAM's new IT team has analyzed Wickr, Redphone, Cryptocat, Cyberdust and Silent Circle against its new military grade mobile encryption software and WHAM's technology overwhelmingly prevailed. After the global announcement of the company's new exclusive licensing agreement WHAM will boldly begin to market and proclaim its new mobile encryption software to the consumer market.

"Josh Neyer is an IT industry leader who specializes in critical infrastructure that supports 24/7 uptime and highly available systems. His participation will become essential and pivotal for the company as he is overseeing and advising the company's new infrastructure network. The company has full confidence in its new development and infrastructure team in order to satisfy all new business transactions with a completely redundant environment, which will be built and maintained at the highest standards for online use. Josh has been in the industry for over twenty years and has overseen and built multi-million dollar infrastructure networks for billion dollar companies. WHAM is excited that he is now officially apart of the new team," said Israel Vasquez Chairman/CEO.

About Us:

Woodman Holdings Asset Management Inc. (Wham Inc.) is a diversified holdings company established for the purpose of investing in or acquiring businesses and distressed asset classes. We operate in six business areas: Investments, Mobile Gaming, Proprietary Trading, Apparel, Fine Art and Secure Mobile Encryption Technology.

Woodman Holdings has assets of over $100 million with no significant liabilities. The company acquires businesses through mergers, stock exchanges, asset acquisitions or reorganization. We explore innovative financial solutions in order to facilitate global investments for wealth creation and life quality enhancement. We also provide connectivity between the capital markets and knowledge driven investors, profiteering from yielding investments. We have the direct capability as a corporate structured finance originator, to organize and submit international financial investments, ranging between US $1 Million to US $100 Million. The operating principles that guide our organization, our conduct and our relationships are simple and are designed to create a different type of company, which honors God and people. The company has a disciplined approach to its actions and investments. Our strategy is to raise capital in a private offering for its first IPO (Initial Public Offering).

One of the company's goals and purpose is to secure funding for the Art Fund. WHAM is a leading art investment house with assets of over $100 million under management and a track record ROI of 16.51% on assets with liabilities. The Group also represents some leading banks in their art advisory relationship, FAIR (Fine Art Investment & Research). The Group was founded in 1999 by Israel Vasquez President, Chairman/CEO, to develop and manage investment vehicles that invest in Fine Art. The Fine Art Fund was the first fund of its type to invest in art as a worldwide asset class, and continues to be the only one to do so on this scale.

Forward-Looking Statement:

This Press release may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements are based on the Company's current expectations as to future events. However, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this press release might not occur, and actual results could differ materially from those anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements.


Wham Inc, Investors Relations Department contact us via email at: investorrelations@whamcorp.us or for all general inquiries contact us via email at: info@whamcorp.us

SOURCE: Wham Inc.