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Wheeling High School Alumni Earns Spot on Shark Tank

BARRINGTON, Ill., Jan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Martin Dimitrov, Wheeling High School Alumni, turned an idea into reality through his high school INCubatoredu entrepreneurship class. Martin will be pitching SnapClips on ABC's "Shark Tank" on Sunday, January 28, 8 pm Central.  

Martin was tasked by his teacher to find a solution to a problem he faces every day. As a student athlete who used the Wheeling High School's weight-lifting equipment daily, Martin was frustrated that the barbell metal clips were often broken, difficult to use and ineffective as the weights would fall off. Martin's idea was to develop a weight collar, similar to the slap bracelets of the '90s, which is more effective and easier to use than the metal clips on the market. Through his hard work and resilience, he solved this functional problem by creating a unique product and SnapClips was formed. This Sunday, January 28, Martin Dimitrov will be pitching his enterprise, SnapClips, to the Sharks.

"We are thrilled one of our alumni from our INCubatoredu program is being featured on Shark Tank," said Margarita Geleske, INCubatoredu Chief Evangelist. "This is a great extension of the authentic entrepreneur experience our students have exposure to."

The INCubatoredu curriculum develops future ready skills needed in today's business such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, public speaking, teamwork and resilience. In the year long course students are guided by their teacher and business mentor to create and fully develop their product or service business idea.  

"Most traditionally taught classes do not connect the classroom to the real world," said Christine Scott, INCubatoredu's Executive Director. "SnapClips is a great example of the result of experiential learning."

INCubatoredu is an entrepreneurship program by Uncharted Learning, a 501(c)3, not for profit organization. The mission is to bring authentic, rigorous, and experiential education to students to foster development of real-world skills.                              



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