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When to Toss Your Sneakers

Sneakers aren’t stamped with expiration dates, so how can you tell if it’s time to toss them?

Track Mileage

Most athletic shoes are only built to last 300 to 500 miles. That might sound like a lot, but depending on how much you’re on your feet, that’s a lifespan of about three months to a year. And the pressure put on a shoe while running is two to three times a person’s body weight.

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If you spot wrinkles in the foam section between the sole and top of the shoe, the cushioning — or midsole — is likely breaking down. Even if you’re only running errands in your sneakers, toss them when the heels start wearing down.

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Scuffed Soles

If the soles are scuffed, worn flat or angling sharply, it’s time to trash them.

Wearing shoes that are past their prime can cause heel or knee pain, shin splints and stress fractures. Don’t risk it!

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