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Where are you going?

Brian Bolan


We are in mid-summer and many are either planning vacations or taking them.  I know a few people are here are going for week long breaks soon and I am included in that list.

I guess with volume low and interest in investing at yearly lows, now might be a good time to compare vacation ideas and tips.  I mean how real time is that?

The first week of September is the start of college football, but it’s also the time for my annual vacation to Charlevoix, Michigan.  That place is a treasure for me as it really feels like I am in another world way up north.  If I had a tip for anyone going to northern Michigan, and I think I know a few people who are, I would suggest some white fish … the area is known for it. 

So where are you going, and what tips would you give to those of us who have yet to take a vacation?

And when you vacation is over, will you share your photos on Facebook or Twitter or some other social media?

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