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Where to Buy Your Very Own Freaky V. Stiviano Face Mask

Rob Walker
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

V. Stiviano, shielding herself from the cameras. (Reuters)

People can’t seem to stop yapping about V. Stiviano, but nobody is answering the only question that matters: Where can you get one of those crazy-looking, Daft Punk-style full-face visors she’s been wearing in front of the paparazzi lately?

Right here! Or possibly here.

Both links go to shopping site Ali Express, which is part of China-based Alibaba. (Yahoo owns a stake in Alibaba.) The first is a listing from Yiwu Sanbei Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., and is selling the visor for about $40, plus shipping costs (from China to the U.S.) of about $45.

The second is from “gaozhao chen’s store” and offers what looks like the exact same object for $8.13, with free shipping.


The point of these things is full-face protection from UV rays — for golfers or beachgoers, let’s say. And as others have noted, there are similar products available on Amazon.

I’m pretty sure the ones on Ali Express are what V. Stiviano sports. But I suppose any will do as you prepare for whatever massive press scandals you may be planning to get involved in soon.

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