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Hilariously Bad Video Game Box Art

Yahoo Tech

While we don’t spend much time perusing the aisles of video game stores anymore (thanks, downloadable gaming!), we certainly appreciate all the hard work that goes into crafting the tempting images on retail boxes.

Sometimes, though, hard work takes a backseat to bad ideas. We’re not sure how these disastrous pieces of video game box art made it to store shelves, but they did, and for that, we are thankful, because they are hilarious.

1 / 10
It gets points for clarity – that is a mouth, yessir – but the whole ‘fake nostril eyeballs’ thing probably wasn't the best way to convey the intensity of this one-on-one fighting game.

2 / 10
Night Trap featured scantily-clad co-eds fighting vampires at a slumber party. That part was controversial, but the real crime was this insane box art. Don’t hit me, blurry Dana Plato!

3 / 10
Where is Mega Man? Florida? Are those giant screws? What happened to his eyeballs? Why is he holding a gun? He’s Mega Man -- his arm is a cannon! Legs don’t go like that!

4 / 10
But wait, there’s more! The sequel ditches the tropics in favor of Somewhere Near Lava, and again his arm cannon has been replaced by a laser pistol. Also, his eyes are closed and he's 48 years-old.

5 / 10
Yes, this is real. No, that guy’s name is not Karnaaj.

6 / 10
Big fun at the theme park, guys. Big fun. We are having a blast up in here. We are not at all bored with this rollercoaster, and neither is our dog.

7 / 10
Peer into the smiling face of death! The monsters have nothing on Wonder Boy, the creepiest killer on Sega’s Master System.

8 / 10
Video game or terrible 80’s metal album? There were a bunch of Barbarian games, and every one looks just like this.

9 / 10
No offense to the Dodgers great, but Tommy Lasorda wasn't really a looker. Even at his paunchiest, however, Lasorda was never as downright freaky as this watercolored, photochopped mess.

10 / 10
This puzzle game is so good, you’ll wish you were watching A Clockwork Orange. Luckily, we can avert our gaze.