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Whistleblower: Cambridge Analytica couldn’t work with Democrats

Edgar Alvarez
Although Cambridge Analytica (CA) is preparing to shut down, US Congress isn't

Although Cambridge Analytica (CA) is preparing to shut down, US Congress isn't done trying to get answers about the firm's tactics to harvest online user data for political research. Today, in the latest chapter of a matter that has affected up to 87 million Facebook users, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding another hearing, titled "Cambridge Analytica and the Future of Data Privacy." One of the people testifying before the panel of senators is none other than whistleblower Christopher Wylie, the former director of research at CA who helped break the story earlier this year. In a written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Wiley said that what he bore witness to during his time at CA, between 2013 and 2014, should alarm everyone.

"Cambridge Analytica is the canary in the coal mine to a new Cold War emerging online," he said. "We must address the digital echo chambers that are being exploited to algorithmically segregate American society. Online communities should unite us, not divide us." During his testimony, Wiley also told Senator Cornyn (R-TX) that after billionaire and GOP mega-donor Robert Mercer began investing "tens of millions" of dollars in CA, the only restriction the firm had was to not do any work for Democratic political candidates. 



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  • This article originally appeared on Engadget.