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Whole Food, Ogilvy Employees Join In The ICE Backlash

Say Contributor

Does anybody want to work with ICE? While the actual answer is still “probably,” one has to at least wonder, based on the growing number of employees who are calling on their companies to cut ties with the controversial federal agency. And CBP isn’t looking so cool either. The Whole World A coalition of workers at Whole Foods, who have previously gone public with their attempts to unionize and have called out what they call unfair working conditions, have called on their parent company Amazon to cut all ties with Palantir, a tech company that provides computer services that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses to track and detain immigrants; the agency has been under fire the mistreatment of immigrants. The Whole Food employees also pledged their support for Amazon workers pressuring the company to stop selling the facial recognition technology Rekognition to ICE. Mad Men Also joining in on the employee movement to stand with immigrants are workers at the global PR firm Ogilvy, who raised their objections to the company’s contract with the Customs and Border Protection agency during a recent company town hall, with one employee telling Chief Executive Officer John Seifert “this is about people, not money.” In response, Seifert sent a memo saying the company will continue working with the agency. Melting The pressure on corporations by their employees to have absolutely nothing to do with ICE or the detainment of migrants has been heating up ever further of late, as Google employees recently launched a petition for the company to not bid on contracts with CBP or ICE, citing concerns over the violation of human rights. Last May, Amazon shareholders rejected proposals to both stop selling facial recognition technology to government agencies. -Michael Tedder Photo: Brendan McDermid / REUTERS