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What Whole Foods looks like now that Amazon owns it

Julia La Roche

Amazon (AMZN) went on a price-slashing spree at Whole Foods Market stores on Monday following the completion of its $13.7 billion acquisition of the high-end grocery store chain.

Shoppers visiting the Columbus Circle location in New York City, like Yahoo Finance did this morning, will be greeted by a banner that says “We’re growing something good. This is just the beginning” featuring both of their logos. They’ll also notice a display of the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot at a significant discount.

Throughout the store, they’ll find little orange labels for a “new lower price.” The new prices aren’t just for Amazon Prime members. They’re for everyone.

Amazon Echo is now on display at Whole Foods. And it’s “Farm Fresh”!

In the produce section, there some deals on avocados. Organic avocados went from $2.99 a piece to $1.99, while conventional avocados fell from $2.50 each to $1.49. Those cuts come even as avocado prices have been rising thanks to a supply shortage in Mexico and a weaker-than-expected harvest in California.

Other deals in the produce section include bananas from Costa Rica and Colombia falling from $0.99 to $0.69 and other whole trade bananas from Costa Rica/ Colombia falling from $0.79 to $0.49 per pound. Organic Gala apples dropped from $2.99 per pound to $1.99, while organic Fuji apples fell from $3.49 to $1.99 per pound.

The Fuji apple display last Friday.
The Fuji apple display on Monday.

At the seafood counter, fresh and farm raised Atlantic salmon filets dropped from $14.99 per pound to $9.99, while fresh and farm raised tilapia filets fell from $11.99 per pound to $7.99. Some of the frozen fish items saw their prices drop by a couple of bucks, too.

Salmon prices last Friday.
Salmon prices on Monday.

Animal-welfare-rated 85% lean ground beef fell $2 to $4.99 per pound. (Pro tip: Be sure to look for the animal-welfare-rated label as the discount does not appear to apply to 85% lean ground grass-fed beef.)

Organic large brown eggs fell from $4.29 to $3.99, while 1 lb. (four sticks) of 365 Everyday Value Organic Butter (salted) dropped from $5.29 to $4.49. Almond butter, both creamy and crunchy, saw their prices fall by $1 to $6.99 per jar.

Julia La Roche is a finance reporter at Yahoo Finance.

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