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Whole Foods Will Offer Prime Day Deals Too

Justina Huddleston

Amazon recently announced Prime members get sweet discounts in Whole Foods Market stores across the country, and now, it looks like we’ll want to grocery shop on Prime Day too. Basically summer’s answer to Black Friday, Prime Day will start on July 16 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST and will last through July 17 — that’s 36 hours of extreme savings. We’ve enjoyed using AmazonFresh to get our Whole Foods fix, but these insane Prime Day deals will be all about the products in your local WFM — not just the limited selection of 365-brand products that Amazon has listed online.

According to Amazon, there will be tons of products on sale at Whole Foods during the event (we’re still waiting for the entire list). Prime members will be able to purchase them for an additional 10 percent off. There will be steep discounts on certain staple products too.

To start shopping these deals on July 16th, download the Whole Foods app and sign into your Amazon account. Look for all the yellow and blue signs around the store (like the example photo above) for deals. Once you get to the cashier, scan the Prime Code from your phone to receive all those discounts upon checkout.

If you have an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa, you’ll be able to get even more. Cash back rewards will be doubled during Prime Day, meaning you can get 10% back on all Whole Foods Market purchases up to $400. Time to go all-in on that gallon jar of coconut oil you’ve been eyeing!

Whole Foods doesn’t usually have big sales, so it’s kind of a huge deal that they’re participating in Prime Day. It’s the first glimpse of what life might look like for budget- and health-conscious shoppers in the Amazon age. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely going to clear some space in our pantry to prepare.

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(Photo via Amazon)

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