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Tony Robbins explains why being a businessman is bad for Trump

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind

Donald Trump is 68% of the way to receiving the Republican Party nomination for president. As of today, he has 846 delegates out of the 1,237 needed to secure the official nomination. In comparison, Ted Cruz has 559 delegates, or 45% of needed delegates.

“What’s great about Donald Trump is that what you see is what you get,” says Tony Robbins, author of MONEY: Master the Game. Robbins has advised both Trump and the Clinton family in the past. But while Trump touts his business experience as proof he’ll be able to “Make America Great Again,” Robbins says that might not be the case.
“In the beginning of a business you usually only succeed by not listening to anyone, and eventually that pattern that made you successful bites you. That’s why 96% of all businesses fail within a 10-year period,” he says. “There’s a similar pattern with Donald where he’s being reinforced during the primaries for certain behaviors but the negative effect for the general population may cost him there if he doesn’t pivot.”
Politics is not business, says Robbins. It requires more nuance and compromise. However, “The one clear thing is that his rivals clearly misunderstood how far he would get because he’s tapped into both anger and fear and those are very powerful motivators in our society today.”
While Robbins believes the election is Clinton's to lose, he does hold a soft spot for Bernie Sanders. “I don’t agree with him, but I love him because he’s authentic and I think that’s what most people love,” says Robbins. “I think the anger that you see, it’s either going to Trump or it’s going to Bernie.”