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Why Dash Robotics Decided to Acquire Bots Alive

HAYWARD, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017  /PRNewswire/ -- Dash Robotics today announced the acquisition of Bots Alive, a robotics and AI company that uses computer vision and machine learning to bring life-like behavior to toys. The acquisition allows Dash Robotics to expand the capabilities of their DashConnect platform, which allows companies to develop connected toys for both up-and-coming and long-loved brands in record-breaking time, with significantly reduced development costs. The DashConnect platform was recently used in partnership with Mattel to launch Kamigami Robots, a series of app-controlled, build-it-yourself robots, which became available across major toy retailers on October 11th.

"Having Bots Alive join the Dash Robotics team is an instant win," said Nick Kohut, CEO of Dash Robotics. "We can now deploy life-like motion, life-like behavior, artificial intelligence, and full connected toy development capabilities to our platform and partners."

Bots Alive's unique combination of a smart device's camera, computer vision and artificial intelligence allows for innovative play patterns and experiences for kids that were never possible before. Dash Robotics is already the emerging leader in life-like motion for toys, and with Bots Alive, those toys can now operate autonomously.

The founder of Bots Alive, Dr. Bradley Knox, also noted the synergy. "I'm very excited to have Bots Alive as part of the Dash Robotics platform. They've proven they can drive innovative, high volume products to market, and the Bots Alive technology is a perfect fit to expand their capabilities and create the next generation of toys."

About Dash Robotics                                                                            
Dash Robotics is building the backbone of connected toys by creating technology to reimagine what's possible for the world's leading toy and gaming brands. Founded in 2013, Dash features premier licensing partners and customers like Mattel, with whom they are releasing Kamigami Robots this Holiday season. Dash Robotics is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Bots Alive
Bots Alive was founded by Dr. Brad Knox, who researched human interaction with robots and machine learning at MIT and UT Austin. Bots Alive was created to develop toys that feel alive, reacting intelligently to kids and the world they inhabit. The Bots Alive technology is a general platform running on Unity, using ubiquitous smart devices as the eyes and brains of toys. In early 2017, Bots Alive's Kickstarter campaign was crowdfunded in under 48 hours.


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