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Why the hell is 8chan still online?

Adam Rosenberg

UPDATE: Aug. 5, 2019, 7:40 a.m. EDT A couple of hours after this posted, Cloudflare did in fact confirm plans to end its business relationship with 8chan. According to the site's WHOIS report, the domain registrar has also changed. 8chan business seems to now be concentrated in Sammamish, Wash., with domain registration handled by a company called Epik Inc and domain protection handled by a company called Anonymize Inc. Both companies are based in Sammamish.

Epik has a known history of supporting far right interests, including extremists. It was founded by a man who goes by the name Robert Monster. Less is known about Anonymize, though some poking around on the internet turns up a few details, including two Sammamish addresses — 3832 234th Ave SE and 704 228th Ave — and the thoroughly unsurprising revelation that the company's founder is one Robert Monster. Read more...

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