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Why Hurricane Dorian stalled in the Bahamas

Julia Limitone

Hurricane Dorian stalled over the Grand Bahama Island for more than a day, moving slower than a person walks at a 1 mile per hour pace – and now it’s slowly creeping towards Florida’s east coast.

So why was Dorian stuck?

“There's a high-pressure system in the North Atlantic there's a high-pressure system here in Denver where I'm sitting and that's what's keeping Dorian stuck where it is,” said Former FEMA Director Michael Brown to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney adding  “and it churns and gets bigger and bigger.”

The monster storm, downgraded to a Category 3, made landfall in the northern Bahamas as a Category 5 with maximum sustained winds of 184 miles an hour, assaulting anything in its path and leaving countless displaced and some fatalities.

Although it’s still unclear about the trajectory of the storm, Dorian is the strongest storm to ever threaten Florida’s east coast with 25 million Americans in its projected path.

“Regardless of which direction it goes it's going to be a horrendous storm,” warned Brown.


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