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Why I’m a Flip Cover Guy

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Like you, I scoffed when I first saw a phone in a flip cover case.

With smartphones getting thinner, sleeker, and now being made of precious metals and fine-cut glass, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to bury all that beauty and thoughtful design in a full-body wrap.

That was until about a year ago when a company sent me a flip case packaged with a phone I was to review. I felt I had to try it, as though the case were a piece of forbidden fruit. I slipped the phone into its flip cover, and slid it into my pocket.

Since that fateful phone review, each phone I’ve owned has sported the flip. It’s augmented both my phone’s looks and functionality, and I can’t imagine ever going back.

Here’s a rundown of why I’ve become a full-on flip cover guy.

The familiar feel

Anyone who is old enough to rent a car should remember the joy that you used to get from closing the cover to a REAL book after finishing the last page. Or how about slapping shut a trapper keeper as soon as the school bell rang? I can now enjoy the same satisfaction after replying to my girlfriend with a shruggy emoticon when she texts me about the dishes in the sink.

And angrily ending a call with someone by slapping shut my smartphone’s flip definitely takes me back to the days when I used to contentiously hang up on school buddies by slamming my bedroom phone on its base. “You’re not coming out to dinner with us? SEE YOU NEVER!” ::slams flip case::

The executive feel

If Don Draper had a smartphone, it’d be in a leather flip case. No doubt.

Even though I first saw the flip as a little superfluous, I’ve come to realize that nothing makes you look more important than flipping your phone shut and slipping it into your breast pocket. It feels very “little black book”-ish, or like a classy cigarette case. (N.B.: I do not condone smoking, kids.)

And the kinds of full phone cases companies are making now are far better than the tacky blue or pink covers that were first popular with the Samsung Galaxy S III. I personally stick with the black nylon/graphite texture cover. All class and sophistication for my flip case.

No more reaching for the power button

On a big phone – which is the only kind anyone makes anymore, it seems like – the power button thumb climb you have to do to turn your device on and off is a real pain. But with the magic of the flip, the screen pops on when you flip the cover open, and shuts off when you close it.

Mind you, this works with many phones, but not all. (Apple’s iPhone is not one of them; I’m an Android guy, in addition to a flip case guy.) Just another reasons why I choose my devices wisely.

Maximum protection

As George Costanza once smartly said, “Important things go in a case.” And I’ve found that, beyond getting one of those Otterbox-like phone caskets, a wallet for your smartphone is about as safe and sound a setup as you can get. (Trust me: I’ve cracked my fair share of screens… until I started using a flip cover.)

Go ahead. Try your luck with your thin film “screen shields” and plastic bumper if you like. I’m all the way covered over here.


I write to you today as someone who’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrongly judged a phone case by its cover. My year+ of living with the smartphone flip cover on several of my different smartphones has been more than just a pleasure – it’s been eyeopening. And now I couldn’t be more glad that I’ve come across to the flip side.

It’s classy, useful, protective, and it just feels right. That’s why I’m a flip cover guy.

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