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Make Playlists With Your Friends On Spotify With This Buried Feature

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

Music is fun to listen to with friends. By that logic, it’s a shame that Spotify’s tool to collaborate on playlists remains so tucked away and virtually featureless. Let’s all campaign to make it popular this new year.

This is where you can find it:

1. Open Spotify and go to the left hand column. Note: you’re not able to make the playlist collaborative in Spotify’s web player, only in the desktop program.

2. Scroll down to your playlists. Right click on the playlist you’d like to share with friends. (You can only do this with a playlist that YOU created).

3. Select the option “Collaborative Playlist.” Nothing special happens when you click it, but there should be a checkmark next to the option from now on.

4. To share the playlist, click on the Share button and select the “Send to…” tab on the right.

5. Type in the names of whomever you’d like to share the list with and click the green “Share” button.

6. Drag and drop all the songs you desire into the playlist!

Fortunately, creating a collaborative playlist is a lot easier to do on Rdio. This is how to do it on the web app, which is the mode of Rdio I prefer.

1. Open Rdio, sign in, and go to the left hand side of the page.

2. To create a new collaborative playlist, hover your mouse over the “Playlists” text until a + sign appears on the right. Click it.

3. A box should appear at the center of the screen. Name your playlist. Add a short description (or don’t, no biggie) and then choose your privacy and collaboration settings. Collaboration in Rdio is slightly less selective than it is in Spotify. You can either choose to share with the people you follow or everyone in the whole wide Rdio world.

4. Click “Create Playlist.”

5. If you want to make an existing playlist collaborative, click on it. A screen will appear where there will be an “Edit” button. Click that and adjust your collaboration and privacy preferences accordingly.

Bam. Now go tell a friend. We need to make this a thing, guys.